Memberships – Working Groups

Goal is proud to be a member of a variety of industry working groups that allow us to be at the forefront of actively driving change and strategy, and enhancing processes to shape the future of the securities services industry.

Working with ISSA (International Securities Services Association), our representatives attend regular discussions covering corporate actions, digital identity and onboarding, and compliance transparency that help to improve efficiency, reduce risk and standardise processes.

ISSA Working Groups

Asset Servicing Working Group – Corporate Governance

Goal’s representative: Christopher Oldham, Research Manager, Class Actions

Asset Servicing Working Group – Technology Enablers

Goal’s representative: Austen Little, Research Manager, Tax

Held monthly, the Asset Service Working Groups research the key challenges and issues that continue to impact the Asset Servicing arena with the aim of providing best practice guidance for existing services as well as proposing alternative business models.

Through these improvements and fundamental change propositions, the group assists Securities Services by adopting more accurate, efficient and cost-effective Asset Servicing arrangements.

Digital Identity and Onboarding Working Group

Goal’s representative: Debbie Hickey, Client Services Manager, EMEA

The Digital Identity and Onboarding Working Group meets monthly to discuss and create industry standards for what is acceptable, and needed, from a digital identity to allow efficient and effective onboarding of Securities Services clients. These standards help to reduce the costs, client friction and risks for the Securities Services industry.

Financial Crime Compliance Working Group

Goal’s representative: Marie Nimmo, Audit, Data Protection & Diversity Officer

Attended on an ad hoc basis, the purpose of the Financial Crime Compliance Working Group (FCC WG) is to foster best practice across a broad spectrum of financial crime-related risks that could arise in the Securities Services industry.

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