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GTRS™ is our flagship product. Developed in-house and initially launched in 1993, it has recently undergone a huge transformation to an innovative and seamless cloud-based application with high levels of automation.

Our technology has been developed to ingest client data and based on event information, entity type, domicile and reclaim market; calculate the correct reclaimable rate as well as selecting, populating, and printing the applicable forms. In addition to these core elements, we have built reporting and tracking into the tool and as it is completely hosted on AWS, it also maintains the highest level of data security, segregating client information and ensuring we uphold our esteemed ISO27001 accreditation.

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GTRS™ also benefits from a dedicated internal research department who continually monitor and update treaty rates and forms in addition to ongoing support through local, dedicated client service representatives.

Available as a subscription-based application or an outsourced service, GTRS™ enables the global investment community to process high volumes, efficiently and accurately while removing the complex, manual, inherently risky way in which this process is normally performed.

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The withholding tax reclaim process can often be laborious and time consuming and given the increased scrutiny by investors to perform these types of services, it is important that the fiduciary responsibility is fulfilled. 

Leveraging our procedural and market expertise and leading-edge technologies, Goal can provide a service with seamless end-to-end processing and high levels of automation. 

In addition to the core service, for those who outsource the work to us, we will also provide you with a dedicated client portal for you to be able to track and monitor your activity.

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