The impact of technology on withholding tax claims and class actions

Cross-border taxation is a topic mired in complexity. The intricacies of withholding tax and the importance of eliminating double taxation are convolutions which can cause even the most hardened investor

The ethics of class actions – achieving justice and profit

Class action lawsuits, one of the few ways in which an individual can challenge a multi-national corporation and achieve justice, are an increasingly popular method by which shareholders and consumers

Come and see us at global exhibitions in May and June

Goal team members will be attending a number of conferences worldwide during May and June and we’re hoping to connect with as many industry professionals as possible.

How much money was made from class action lawsuits last year?

There is no doubt that the number of class action lawsuits, which are civil lawsuits undertaken collectively by a group of people who have suffered a common loss or injury,

Security class action lawsuits – what are they, who can claim and how?

The idea of a small group of people taking on a commercial behemoth – and winning – has always elicited public interest and sympathy.