The process for securities class actions in Australia

The Australian system for class action lawsuits has been in place for over 30 years and is probably second only to the United States in terms of settlements. Securities class

The process for securities class actions in the UK

As securities class actions have evolved, every country in which they are undertaken has developed its own regulations and pathways through the process. No two countries have an identical system,

The process for securities class actions in USA

The intricate complexities of the securities class action process are compounded by the fact that different countries have their own individual rules and routes through the system.

The role of tax treaties in withholding tax reclaims – some key considerations

When a business or fund invests in a foreign country, it needs to be established whether the home country or the foreign country should tax the investor’s profit.

The importance of withholding tax reclaims for cross-border investors

Withholding tax (WHT) is a tax levied by an overseas jurisdiction on dividends or income received by non-residents. A jurisdiction is a taxation authority with its own tax code,

Understanding securities class actions

When violations of securities laws occur within a financial market, investors seeking redress may do so either through class action or individual (opt-out) litigation.

Successful class actions and their impact

Until relatively recently, the average person in the street would have no practical means of challenging a powerful global corporation in the event of a perceived injustice. However, the exponential

The impact of class actions on corporate ESG behaviour

The incidence of class action lawsuits continues to rise globally, as stakeholders are more aware they have the authority to hold even the most powerful organisations to account and effect

The impact of technology on withholding tax claims and class actions

Cross-border taxation is a topic mired in complexity. The intricacies of withholding tax and the importance of eliminating double taxation are convolutions which can cause even the most hardened investor

The ethics of class actions – achieving justice and profit

Class action lawsuits, one of the few ways in which an individual can challenge a multi-national corporation and achieve justice, are an increasingly popular method by which shareholders and consumers

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How much money was made from class action lawsuits last year?

There is no doubt that the number of class action lawsuits, which are civil lawsuits undertaken collectively by a group of people who have suffered a common loss or injury,

Security class action lawsuits – what are they, who can claim and how?

The idea of a small group of people taking on a commercial behemoth – and winning – has always elicited public interest and sympathy.