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Class Action & Tax Reclaim Reinvestment

At Goal, we understand that both withholding tax reclaims and securities class actions recoveries can be a burden for many investors, given the often lengthy timeframes these take to pay out. 

Goal can help by turning those monies rightfully owed, into immediate revenue whether this be to reinvest, which can be essential for portfolio and investment planning or for funds that are in the process of winding down or liquidating.

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Reinvest from Tax & Class Action Pay Outs

Goal will assess client data on a case-by-case basis and offer a competitive price to assume ownership on any outstanding and future claims which is be done by completing a proof of concept on your transactional data for us to assess the opportunities available.

Once the price has been agreed, we will work with you to organise transfer of ownership and in turn, issue you with a one-time payment, providing you with instant revenue. Not only will this eliminate the burden of performing these claims yourselves in the future and having to wait for the payment, it also involves minimal effort on your part, with substantial return.

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