12 September 2022

Goal is now a member of ISSA

This September we became a member of the International Securities Services Association – (ISSA).

ISSA supports the securities services industry, and their members include CSDs, custodians, technology companies and other firms involved in all aspects of the securities services value chain.

They connect leaders and stakeholders within the industry with the aim to collaborate on key themes that impact the sector, looking how to drive change through the development and delivery of forward-looking solutions.

The team at Goal are looking forward to our new membership so we can get involved in ISSA working groups.

The latest working group, which focussed on global withholding tax processes and concluded in July, consisted of 15 industry recognised participants. They collectively identified key challenges and potential solutions to the tax relief and recovery process.

Members who take part in the working groups ensure their ideas are incorporated into best practice guidance. They can also introduce new ideas to positively impact both their own clients as well as the industry, overall.

ISSA’s 3-day symposium in May 2023 is a great opportunity for us to physically meet with industry peers from around the globe and will take place in Switzerland. See you there…

ISSA Symposium 2023, Wolfsberg, Switzerland – ISSA (issanet.org)

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