21 November 2023

We Excel at Asset Servicing Times Awards, Celebrating Rising Star Charlotte Baker

Goal Group’s Charlotte Baker Senior Client Services Manager, was recognised as Rising Star at the prestigious Asset Servicing Times Awards, highlighting her exceptional growth and contribution to our company.

The event witnessed an impressive turnout and recognised exceptional individuals and organisations within the asset servicing industry. Goal Group had the honour of being nominated for three prestigious awards and emerged triumphant in this one.

Charlotte Baker, an invaluable member of the Goal Group team for the past 11 years, received the distinguished Rising Star award. This accolade serves as a testament to Baker’s unwavering commitment to excellence, remarkable professional growth, and outstanding achievements throughout her career.

Baker’s dedication and contributions to the team’s success have not only made her an inspiration to colleagues but also a role model within the industry. This recognition highlights her exceptional abilities, continuous pursuit of excellence, and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality service.

The Asset Servicing Times Awards aim to honour outstanding achievements and industry-leading practices within the asset servicing sector. The Rising Star category specifically recognises emerging talents who have demonstrated exceptional growth, innovation, and commitment to their organisations.

Baker’s journey within Goal Group exemplifies her relentless pursuit of excellence. Her consistent efforts to excel in her role have not only propelled her own career but have also positively impacted the entire team. Baker’s dedication, hard work, and passion for delivering exceptional service to clients have been instrumental in securing this well-deserved accolade.

Vicky Dean Chief Revenue Officer comments:  “We attribute Baker’s success to our culture of excellence and commitment to talent development. The organisation’s emphasis on nurturing and empowering its employees has undoubtedly contributed to Baker’s growth and achievements.”

We extend our warmest congratulations to Charlotte Baker on this remarkable recognition and expresses gratitude for her invaluable contributions to the company’s ongoing success.

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